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Also, ive bought us a heavily armed command ship, so all we need is mostly support & escorts or other multirole ships. Ill be buying us more ships too, which i can allow ppl to use when I'm not, so just buying the game for $40 is sufficient too.
Fair warning, the ships are currently for sale for real cash right now, but that will go away as the game comes out later. ALL ships can be aquired in-game, so there is no major need to buy a expensive ship if you cant afford it.
Ladys and gentlemen, IRES is now an active organization on Star Citizen. The link to our page is [link]
K will look into it.
I'll also be starting to use my youtube alot more and put videos of all kinds on my channel, ranging from gaming, airsoft, paintball, live firearms, disassembly/reassemb ly/cleaning of firearms, etc. It'll be a vast list, too much to put here.
I'll make sure to keep you all posted about the 'corrected' video and also, with the help of a few IRES members and a couple coworkers, Im looking at equipment to get my own twitch going with Kronos and the others hopefully by Feb 2015.
Oh, and to put more icing on the cake in support for his expulsion: He admits to being a spy for a clan known as SWAT. He expects us to believe he was part of that 'swatting' prank group now when he joined us. How freaking PATHETIC.
My question to him is,"How can I be on a rise to power, when I FOUNDED Iron Rain in 2004, IDIOT?" Anywho, I have a big smile on my face today, because this time, I downloaded the video to my hard drive. Ill 'correct' his wrong info & repost it later.
Aaaaannnd once again, Mercenary shows he has no respect for IRES. The link posted by an 'anonymous' person, is in fact Joshua Costanza (Mercenary/JcosTn) and he's lying in yet ANOTHER video. Also, he is saying that I was 'On a rise to power.'
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